Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Great Egg Oxidising Experiment

Recently I bought some really great textured chain but it is that really bright, bright silver colour that doesn't really work with my pieces. 

Top: After Oxidising

Whilst going on an adventure to discover how to go about oxidising my silver, the first method I came across was using lime sulphur fungicide from Bunnings.  Now with me trying to keep as sustainable as possible, as tempting as it was to use, I didn't think a fungicide was really what I should be using.
Then I came across the egg method.

I'm pretty sure eating these is not an option!

It really was a bonus as, being allergic to eggs, I've constantly got out of date eggs in my fridge due to the infrequency with which i use them.

However, in my eagerness to try out my mad scientist experiment, I didn't seek out more information on the method.  Hence, mashing the egg INTO the chain seemed most logical.

Scrambled chain anyone?

Whilst the results DID work, further investigation and a great helping hand from my fellow Etsians at DUST, showed me the messiness of my ways!

The ideal way to execute this method is actually to place the item in the middle of a plastic container, place the quarters of the hard boiled egg around the container, seal and wait.  No mashing required!!  The sulfur from the egg then does its work on the silver content of the item!

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