Sunday, July 12, 2009

Vote For the New Logo & Win!

So the Kreated logo has been bugging me for years (yes, literally years) as I tried to create something based around the "K"... and we ended up with the K you can see in the banner above. It irks me. I don't like it.... It's twee and a bit too... literal.

So yesterday I started playing with the shape again, eliminating curly bits and straightening legs, when, like one of those lightbulb moments in the cartoons, I started sketching question marks (in a reference to "who will you be today?")... The concept just FEELS right! However, I'm happy with both of these... and can't decide... Yes, I am the kind of girl who calls her girlfriends to help decide what to wear for a night out!

For giving me a hand in the decision making process, you go into the draw to win a $25 voucher from Kreated....

Just leave a comment on this post (or on the discussion board on Facebook) with the number of your favourite logo and why this is so....

I really need to get this moving (our very own website with shopping cart is in development at the moment and well, it's a little hard to design sans logo!) so competition ends on Friday (17/7/09)....

Logo 1

Logo 2

Logo 3

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And the winner is.....

And the winner of the Dorian Gray necklace is.....  RocketGirl... who (as you can probably see) left a comment on the blog....  One spunky, funky necklace coming your way soon!

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