Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trashion's Grass Roots are Fertile Ground

I have to say, I have found this post a bit a of a challenge to write. At heart, I am a fashion junkie. Cut, line, colour, texture and style are my obsession, whether its in the things I design or what I'm wearing.

So I'm going to be the honest and say I'm struggling to find upcycled fashion at a grass roots level that is, well, fashionable. To my taste in any case.

Eco fashion has already been touted as "the next big thing" in the early nineties. But the way it was handled and expressed involved a lot of beige and organic cotton with the form & shape of a hessian sack. Now I love the feel of organic cotton, but at the time, there was more excitement about the fabric being used which, in my opinion, had exceptional design fall by the wayside. I really do think the time for sustainable/upcycled materials AND excellent, imaginative design has finally arrived.

I can see this pull tab theory (used by Pop Top Lady on Etsy here to create a skirt) being used to create a piece like this Tinkerbell dress from Manning Cartell... eye opener and would take a girl with a bit of confidence to pull it off, but what fun!

heidi &seek

Another grass roots, handmade designer doing interesting things is Haley Lau of Melbourne based Heidi & Seek.

The clothing at Heidi & Seek is great for those non conforming season in, season out basics that stay in your wardrobe rather than being turfed into the charity bin at the end of the season. In fact, don't be surprised to see one of your pieces from the disposable pile transformed by Hayley into something with much more seasonal longevity.

Available on Etsy, Leeloo & selected stockists, the new, soon to be released winter range looks really interesting! I especially love the grey jumper with the big blue collar.

Semi Conclusion

For now I'm going to keep researching and looking. I would love to hear from anyone who has fallen in love with a particular emerging trashion/upcycling designer.... either leave a comment or email me at

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