Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's been an elephant like preganancy...

... but my jewellery baby is finally born and we have called it Kreated! I pity the poor elephant whose pregnancy usually lasts for about 22 months!

Kreated has been, well,created to play with this sense of wonderment, this thirst to try everything once, and turn it into accessories which help express any which side of ones personality. Be it Astronaut; Fireman; Sumo Wrestler; Pop Diva; Mother; Belly Dancer; Lion Tamer.........

As for me, my workspace could best be described as the “House of Stashes.”

There are stashes of fabric, piles of cookbooks, a box full of teddies (with various arms, legs & heads missing, displays of finished work,random notes & quotes fallen on the floor,bundles of wool that never quite made it to their intended jumpers, coloured pencils, paper, metal findings, semi precious stones in abundance, as well as drawers and boxes crammed full of nostalgia. All of this is inspired & driven by an affinity and obsession with texture & colour.

When exploring my background, it is evident that I have the vocational attention span of a child who, just because they still believe that anything is possible, one day wants to be an Astronaut, then a Ballerina, next a Mud Wrestler & then her best friend’s uncle’s pet cat. I have studied Journalism, Multimedia, worked as a Photographer, worked retail, managed an office and flipped burgers. And I still think I may want to try my hand at the Astronaut thing.

Having said that though, at some point in your life you discover which path it was you are meant to follow.... the path that lights you up and drives you like a steam engine! So now it's all about caring for my Kreated and watching her grow, influence and bring joy and self expression to the world around her!

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