Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Biker Pants Live On

Did you know it takes approximately 208 gallons of crude oil to raise one feedlot steer? And that's just raising the cow, not to mention the amount of energy that goes into creating the hide.
By upcycling materials, this 7cm wide by 13 cm long cuff, created from the pocket of an old pair of leather pants - (probably, given the opshop they came from, once the pride and joy of a bikie)- would be saving at least 2.6 gallons of crude oil in the raising of the cow alone....
Not to mention, the materials were purchased from the op-shop run by the Sacred Heart Mission in St Kilda, Melbourne.
Who would have thought reducing your carbon footprint could look so good?
Fully adjustable via the lace up chain system at the back, this cuff is edgy yet feminine.

Made from the to of the pocket of that infamous pair of leather pants, this is a narrower cuff with antique gold findings & fittings.  The chain on the front is sewn on with copper wire.

Both available at Etsy and soon at MadeIt for Australian buyers.

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