Friday, May 15, 2009

Off the Garden Path

My house is a mess... a tiny mouse house mess and not very conducive to pulling out the sewing machine and working with the great materials I found to upcycle at the local Sacred Heart op shop. But creativity does not halt it's pace at the sight of mess!

So, slightly off the garden path in terms of creating a collection, here are the latest creations from Kreated.

Bugged Out

Also available at MadeIt for AUD buyers

A piece that had remained unfinished for too long!

The animal symbolism of the dragonfly deals with prosperity, good luck, strength, peace, harmony, change and purity whilst the ladybird is a bringer of luck.

Amazonite is an extremely soothing stone. It calms the brain and nervous system , maintaining optimum health. At a mental level, it filters the information passing through the brain and combines it with intuition.

This necklace also contains natural, artificially coloured, pearls and silver/antique gold flower and butterfly charms interspersed between the amazonite.

The dragonfly is carved from bone whilst the ladybird is a cast plastic on an antique gold chain.

About 43cm long, with the ladybird insert sitting at 31cm.

Also available at MadeIt for AUD buyers

Another item from the Tin Man notion of the Yellow Brick Road exhibition, this piece combines textiles and metals in warm Autumnal colours for a truly unique look.
If you're like me, and wear your heart on your sleeve, here's three shiny new ones to use when that one wears out!

The "chain " par of this necklace is made from plaited fiber and antique copper, antique gold and nickel colored chain which joins onto an antique copper brooch pin.

Hanging from the brooch pin are three hearts, one in a bright silver and two in a slightly more nickel tone.

The necklace measures approx 50cm from top to the bottom of the longest heart.

Great to wear with woolens, plains or vintage dresses (or really, in what ever way that says YOU best!)

1 only.

Also available at MadeIt for AUD buyers

Part of the Her Name Was... series, this necklace of purple textile and chain is an essential for any wardrobe containing chunky knits, simple blacks, pumpkin oranges, winter greys, conservative tans and beiges or jewel tone greens.

The fabrics used in this item are a printed silk and linen suiting.

Great for putting a slightly feminine touch to the rock chick look for this season and looks great layered with other chains or even with the complimentary tones in Dorian Grey.

This necklace measures 46cm (18.1 in) and the lower section contains feature textile balls ranging from 1.25cm (0.5in) 2.5cm (1in) in diameter. The chain varies in chunkiness throughout the piece to add texture and interest.

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