Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hot Like Lava!

The creativity volcano has been inactive for a couple of weeks but has exploded like Mt St Helens!

I've finally got my hands on some lava stone which I first found and discovered when at Woodford Folk Festival around Christmas time. It's organic texture makes it great for creating more rock style pieces and works fabulously with my old leather pants upcycling!

Both are available at MadeIt for Asia Pacific customers and Etsy for the rest of the world!

So here they are....

Hot Like Lava Necklace

“It's a volcano that is capable of a very high level of eruptive activity..."
Dan Miller

Express that edgier side of yourself by taking this necklace towards all things rock or keep it a simple statement piece on its own... really it's all up to who you want to be today!

Lava stone, leather, chain and diamante inlaid clasps combine to create a piece that is well balanced between polished and edgy.

The circle is hand wrapped with leather from a pair of biker pants acquired at the local Sacred Heart Op Shop which is also the source of the leather braided section.
Asymmetrically opposite, is the lava stone section capped by the silver clasps. Three different weights and textures and weights of chain hang between.

Length: 60 cm

Hot Like Lava Bracelet

“This volcano is a sleeper. Most of the time it's very pleasant, like it is today. The lava just comes out quietly and there's really no huge hazard associated with it.”

Don Swanson

... but on the weekend it goes off like a rocket!

This versatile bracelet can swing wither towards the School of Rock or the Eggelston Hall of Future Princesses. It is simple and elegant on its own with that little evening dress but works just as well mixed up with a rock chick look and layered with other pieces.

The silver clasps are inlaid with 3 diamantes which contrast and balance perfectly with the organic, semi matte, roughened nature of the lava stone.

Only two for sale (there were 3 but I just HAD to keep one!!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Renate (rensfibreart on Etsy, just dropping in to wish you luck with your sales

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Renate (rensfibreart on Etsy), just dropping in to wish you luck with your sales